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Trim Down with Strength Training

Stronger Muscles ignite the metabolism better than any Secret Weight Loss Pill.

Although high intensity cardio sessions burn more calories during and directly after your workout, the slow and steady calorie burn created from a strength training workout equates to higher calorie output in the 48 or 72 hours post weight training session.

Weigh More for Less

Although the number on the scale is often sufficient to make or break a girl's day, a higher scale weight and much smaller dress size results from carefully planned strength training. Lean muscle weighs more than fat, so the scale may plateau even as your physique gets slimmer.

But I Don't Want Manly Muscles!

The muscle growth and definition professional bodybuilders build requires stringent diet, years of exercise program and heavy weights! A bi-weekly weight training session of 30 minutes or so will NEVER build such muscles. It will, however, strengthen your bones to prevent osteoporosis in later years, fire up your metabolic rate so you burn fat even as you sit on the couch and create beautifully defined limbs with shape and tone.

#1 Belly Blasting Tool

Historically, women were taught in order to get rid of belly fat they were required to do cardio, cardio, cardio! In fact, if you want to reduce your abdominal circumference, you should be building on your muscle to fat ratio: muscle requires calories. Lots of them, over long periods of time. Build your muscle profile and your overall body fat content WILL go down. Belly too.

How Much and For How Long?

Larger muscle groups can use heavier weights. Your legs carry your entire body weight with ease, they could probably leg press your body weight and a half with ease. Smaller muscles in the arms will use lighter weights but again, arms capable of holding a 10 - 15 kilogram child are well able to lift 10, 15 or 20 kilograms on a barbell, 3, 4 or 5 kilograms with ease on a dumbbell weight.

The general rule of thumb: Build Muscle with heavier weights and lower reps (8 - 12). Tone and firm with lighter weights and higher reps (20 - 30).

Words: Rae Dengler, Health Specialist.


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