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We offer functional fitness - that is, we want to be fit in all aspects of daily life: bend to the floor, lift a child, reach for a high object... Our goal is healthy longevity.  

Our weekly program is designed to address each component of fitness: Strength, Flexibility, Core Stability, Cardiovascular Health and Mobility.

What to Expect


Million Dollar Miracle

(Breathing and Stripping)

Whether you are recovering from surgery or prepping for a triathlon - this is a MUST DO! 

The Melissa Taylor Sync In Method focuses on rehabilitating the fascia system. Through injury, bad habits or wear and tear, the fascia becomes hardened and brittle. This reduces mobility and performance. An old whiplash injury can cause plantar fasciitis for example. Releasing the neck improves the foot. 

Rotator cuff concerns, knee pain, hip problems, neck strain and chronic headaches could be rooted in tight fascia.

One member was advised by her doctor to 'rest' for the rest of her life due to a disintegrating spine. She hobbled into her first class and could barely sit or stand. She now participates fully in all classes, plays with her grandchildren every weekend and moves with ease. 

TABATA Circuit

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