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It can be intimidating looking for a gym, fitness class or personal trainer to suit your current situation. You may be new in town, you may be looking to get back after a long and lazy period...this may be your first foray into fitness? Wherever you're coming from - we're happy to meet you there! 

Let's meet first and see how we can help? 

Rae Dengler 

Studio Owner and Trainer

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Our Community

DynamX evolved from Curves Ballito. A Ladies Only gym where women felt safe from ogling eyes and judgement, where they were offered personalized training and formed stalwart friendships. 

As exercise science developed and the original 30 minute circuit workout model became dated and stale, a new fitness style was required. We hand-picked the sweet cherries of great from the old and blended with the latest in body science and grew. What we have now is the sweetest spot a lady could hope for in terms of health and fitness for longevity!  I can guarantee each one of my ladies  will look, move, feel and act 10 years younger than her peers within a year!

My oldest member is 72. She can do a roll up from prone to her feet in one move. Others are still learning to get up off the floor without using their hands - progress takes time.

I have members who hobbled in to Rehab Mobility once a week after back surgery, cancer treatments or double knee ops - they now enjoy full range mobility and can dance, have run marathons and completed Tree Trials with ease. 

I have members who have met and married their dream boat and members who have buried their soulmate: both are held and supported by the rest each step of their journey. 

I have a lady who brings her oldest friend to accompany her - having an old Great Dane the size of a small pony on the sideline is just fine. I have another who's cat likes to follow her over and that is fine too!

A community of stalwart, wise women with genuine hearts. They will welcome you and accept you as you are...but don't expect to stay there! 

  • You will grow stronger and more adept the longer you stay with us. 

  • You will form lasting bonds and friendships you can count on.

  • You will do things you never imagined yourself capable - and do it with ease. 

  • You will become healthier, happier and more hopeful than you have felt for a long time. 

When you are ready to make the leap - we will be here to catch you. 

Where will you find us?

Belle Santé Wellness

DynamX Ladies Fitness Studio is found within Belle Santé Wellness, a medi spa offering a variety of health therapies including slimming and weight loss, colon hydrotherapy, kinesiology and anti-aging aesthetics. 

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