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Ladies Only Fitness Studio

Train like a woman for a woman's physique

A private fitness studio offering personalized workout programs for women of all shapes, sizes and age.

Dynamx ladies fitness studio Salt Rock

A Workout that Feels Like a Coffee Date with Friends

Small group classes with like minded women. We all start somewhere...and get better. We have all been through stuff...and appreciate support.

Come as you are and join our tribe.

Workout Facility

Workout Studio

Our Methods

Our Programs

Therapy Ball

Strength Training

Women need muscles. Strong muscles prevent age-related issues such as osteoarthritis and raises the basal metabolic rate for weight loss. A toned physique is attractive and improves posture and mobility for longevity.

Flexibility, Stability and Core Strength

Age related aches and pains are often a symptom of tight muscles and constrained posture. As we age, balance is compromised due to deterioration of the proprioceptive system - where we are in space. We incorporate low impact exercises and unstable tools such as balls and suspension training to for healthy longevity.

Fun &Variety

No two classes are the same. You will never get bored by a repetitive workout program with the same moves in the same order every day. A variety of 'toys' (exercise props) keep your workouts fresh and challenging. With 3  to 6 in a class, a friendly social camaraderie grows so exercise becomes like an hour with friends!


Many of our members have old sports injuries, post operative conditions or age-related limitations. Consideration and alternative rehabilitative exercises are offered in every class from fitness professionals with years of experience. We incorporate the Melissa Taylor Sync In method of fascia release which is fundamental to muscle and joint repair for improved mobility.

Training the DynamX Way

Training the DynamX Way

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